Monday Mornings – The Snooze

The dreaded Monday mornings. They say the way you spend New Year’s Eve sets the tone for the whole year. I believe the same applies to Monday mornings, dictating the tone for the whole week.

My Monday mornings are quite typical. It starts with a long and intense flirtation with the snooze button. Barely pulling myself out of bed, I sleep-walk towards my coffee machine to rescue me from this half awake / half asleep state where heavy thoughts of work, transportation and what to wear keep me locked under my duvet. Realizing what time it is, it’s pretty much a panic-stricken rush after that. No taking the time to play around with my outfits and try out new looks… No meditation or yoga… No enjoying my coffee out on my balcony and setting carefully considered goals for the week.

I guess it all starts with the snooze button doesn’t it? Maybe I should stop ignoring all the experts desperately urging people to ditch this evil device to increase their productivity. But when it blesses me with those “five – ten – fifteen more minutes, pleeeaaaase?” who has the right to give it a bad rep? I believe this is where the controversial Tucker Max comes in by saying:

… the devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for …

In this case, the devil is the snooze button. And the only way to beat it is – as contemplated in Growing Roots – discipline.

I thought about the times when I didn’t feel the need to dwell in the fake comfort of the snooze and those were the days when I was looking forward to something – catching a flight, meeting a dear friend, hosting a dinner party… This is when I realized I need to think about Monday Mornings as something to look forward to. I need to re-wire my brain to see that being an early bird is rewarding in itself. Monday will then lead to Tuesday, Tuesday to Wednesday and on goes the domino. Voila, before you know it, you are in the habit of waking up early.

All good in theory, not so much in practice. The beginning of developing a new healthy habit is the worst. “Basak, discipline… Discipline I keep saying!” I know but at least at the very start, I need to have something not so abstract, something solid to wake up to… Could it be as easy as an over-priced new mug to drink my coffee in? Or a new leather planner in that mint color I love so much?  Maybe those make-up products I had my eyes on?

I am acutely aware that it shouldn’t be something so superficial like these self-suggestions. It should something bigger, something ethereal that I should find to look forward to. But while deliberating on this difficult change in my dysfunctional morning routine, I will try the “outwards to inwards” approach. Stay tuned for results…




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