It’s proven! Fresh Flowers make you happy!

What made a world of difference in my mood this morning was the bouquet of fresh flowers greeting me on my dining table. I could almost hear them say, “Good morning, Basak! Don’t you look lovely today.” I’m happy to say no, I’m not losing my mind.. Science has my back on this.

A behavioral study led by Rutgers University researcher Jeannette Haviland-Jones determined that there is a link between flowers and emotional health. A similar study at Harvard University determined that people feel more happy and energetic in the morning when they view flowers.”

What struck me at the flower shop was the confusion that weighed on the owner when I tried to convince him, “These are just for me. I’m not getting them for someone else.” As he was making a modest arrangement of hydrangeas, he went on to say that people don’t buy flowers for their home anymore. ” They always need a reason like a celebratory event or a visit to the hospital. It’s nice to see someone getting them just because they’d like to.”

We always wait for an event or wish for someone else to give us flowers when it is all very simple. Treat yourself with a small bouquet. Having personally experienced this uplift of mood, I guarantee that even a single flower in a water glass will make a difference.


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