Hate the Gym? Just Dance!

OK so I hate the gym. I hate being at the mercy of the machines. I feel like time does not go by. I bring a book but it keeps falling off the elliptical machine and even if I can stabilize it, I can’t read it from moving up and down, and even if can, I can’t concentrate from my heavy breathing that makes me feel like my body is going to give up and die. Not that anyone would notice because everyone is so focused on their reflection in the mirror, making sure that they look sexy working out.

“I’ll wake up early and take long walks instead!” I said with such bravado when I quit the gym. Did that ever happen? No. Did I finally sign up for pilates? Yes…. until I didn’t. Do I take those private flamenco dance lessons which I convinced everyone was a passion of mine? Not really. So what other choice did I give my body but to get more and more comfortable in its jelly-like softness and at ease with its generous new width?

My only saving grace has been my discipline not to have snacks in between meals or consume junk food & soft drinks, Yet I can still feel my body and mind getting sleepier and always in need of “MORE ENERGY!” So, how do I get that?

I sincerely believe that energy grows from itself and the more energy you expand the more you create within yourself. – Diana Vreeland, Memos

I love dancing. If I hear a song I love playing, my body can’t help but move. Unfortunately they don’t ever play Jump Around by House of Pain or  Hips don’t Lie by Shakira  or Drunk in Love by Beyonce or WTF by Missy Elliott or Fireball by Pitbull anywhere!

I was watching So You Think You can Dance one night and they were dancing to Get Busy by Sean Paul. My body rebelled! Rebelled against the stillness and the numbness I’ve been subjecting it to. Rebelled against my unfounded laziness. So I started dancing. One song let to another and another and another. Before I knew it, drenched in sweat, my heart pounding, I was feeling…. happy.

I am convinced that the human body was designed to move. Anthropologically speaking, music and dance have always been a spiritual part of being human. So if you are like me and cannot bear the thought of committing yourself to a work-out routine at the gym, then close all the drapes of your windows and in the anonymous safety of your apartment, play your favorite tunes and just dance!


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