Inspiration / Mood Boards – Flirting with Ideas

I’ve always loved magazines. Within the stimulating harmony of text and visuals, I love the large variety of topics explored – culture, food, fashion, travel, profiles on fascinating people… During my teenage years, I would hold on to every single magazine I got because I’d always find something that spoke to me, and think when in need of inspiration, I might look for it.

When the pile of magazines became an overwhelming mountain, I figured it was time to filter the123 archive and create a collage of some sort. That is how I began the habit of creating inspiration boards. I got down to business of going through the dog-ears that took me to the source of inspiration, cutting out a picture or an enlarged quote, and finally assembling them on the board with personal memoribilia like polaroid shots of friends, song lyrics or postcards.

070114_collage1When I look back at what was on my inspiration board then, it is vastly different than what it is today… and that is a good thing. Our interests, what we are attracted to, who we hope to become should evolve with us through time. So there is no right or wrong. You can always adapt your board with new discoveries, new memories and new ideas you feel it’s time to explore. That’s another reason why I’m so intrigued by them. It tells so much about a person’s experiences, their personality and their future dreams.

There might be a tendency to use the inspiration board as an imitation board. Don’t! An inspiration board being a place of adoration, aspiration and motivation, should still be a reflection of yourself and your own dreams. If putting up a picture of your idol and not being that person will make you feel insufficient in any way, then it deceives the purpose of being an inspiration and becomes a comparison instead, which inevitably steals all joy and light from your current self and future potential.

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I’d like to think of an inspiration board more as a board of reminders. Our daily struggles, difficult circumstances and our surroundings may effect our perspective on life and morph us into someone we’re actually not. In order to be able to cope with stress – like our jobs or even public transportation – we may become more anxious, more guarded, even rude. So when you look at your mood board, whether it be cork, fabric, wire or magnet, it should remind you of your core and help you ease into your true self by waking you out your trans, and motivating you to go in the direction you aim to go in life.

461498_10150617101795969_1686436541_oLike mine at the moment – Amongst many things, I am putting up a card from the Eze Village Church, reminding me of the wish I made there as I lit a candle. Pictures of my icons – Jane Birkin for style, reminding me that simplicity can be extremely feminine; Patti Smith for creativity, reminding me that faith and action are its components. A painting of a vase with flowers by Matisse, reminding me to always have fresh flowers at home. A picture of me with my college friends Chris and Gina, reminding me of a particular turning point in my life. A quote from Alice in Wonderland, reminding me that if you don’t know where you’re going, the road you take does not matter.

So… where do you want to go and what is on your board?

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