Scarf – in Transition

When the September sun begins its descend, a familiar chill catches me off guard and I know… “The autumn is coming.” The crunchy sounds of fallen leaves get louder on the streets, espadrilles begin to be replaced by ankle boots… Blankets find their place again at our homes, and our bare shoulders feel the need to be hugged.

The first accessory that I seek the assistance of during my seasonal adjustment is always the scarf. As I am a lover of warm summer days, I find the subtlety of this timeless piece to be less threatening to my denial that cold winter nights are ahead.


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While it wraps my throat like a choker necklace or while, softly flowing down to my waist, it adds vitality to a monochromatic outfit, it keeps me – and my outfits – stylishly warm.

If only I was crafty enough to truly utilize its versatility. Well, we can always go to Hermes for their expert guidance. Here are a few styles to experiment during this mild transitional period that smells more and more like pumpkin spice…


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