Headspace – Please help me Meditate

Lately I catch myself forgetting to breathe. One moment my heart feels like it’s being squeezed and it forces me to take a deep breathe and only then I realize that I’ve been unconsciously holding my breath. With only a few conscious breathe ins and breath outs, my shoulders drop almost instantly and I find my focus again.

The benefits of meditation are undeniable. Its positively profound effects on our brain, awareness and general well-being have been scientifically proven over and over again. Yet whenever I tried to meditate, despite the proper outfits and the candles and the crystals and the teas and everything superfluous to create the right environment, it’s been similar Lena Dunham’s experience:

I’ve been traveling a lot and every time I come back home, I tell myself, “Monday morning, I will start my new routine,” which ideally includes meditating. Yet come Monday morning, my battle with the snooze button resumes and I keep putting it off till the next day then the next week then it’s time to pack again.

Then I remembered what Andy Puddicombe said on the What on Earth is Wellness series. Founder of HEADSPACE, he advices to have a clearer intention for meditation rather than making a vaguely general attempt, and gives tips about how not to fall off the wagon.

Curious, I browsed through their website and blog which has many helpful articles on issues that I struggle with, such as waking up early and getting a routine down.

Sold. I’ve downloaded the app. But now it’s up to me to determine a clear intention and establish a certain self-discipline for my future self. Like I said before, happiness requires discipline.


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