Secrets Places Keep

It usually hits me when I visit a medieval church or a historic palace. That wonder…. Who have stood in the spot that I am standing now? What were they wearing? What was on their minds? Why were they there? What secrets were they keeping?

If only these walls and streets and places could talk… No matter the era, circumstances or status, we would quickly realize – as mythology teaches us – that human beings’ fundamental nature has always been the same. We surf the same emotional waves, struggle through the same inner conflicts, and form the same behavioral patterns via our strengths and weaknesses.

Perhaps that’s why I was drawn to this photo-collages series. I’ve come across them online, but unfortunately the source has not provided the any info on the artist. But I love this idea that places by which we nonchalantly pass have been witnesses to so many lives and events, carrying within them countless sentiments and inner-thoughts of so many people..


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