Camel Head to Toe

When I was little I was fascinated by my mother’s book Color me Beautiful. A book from the 70s, it assigns a different color palette for each season and guides you towards a season of your own. By experimenting with the colors – what makes you look paler or brighter – it encourages you to be more conscious about your color choices, as a big part of beauty is actually knowing yourself.

It is clear. I am a winter. Pure, saturated and pastel colors look best on me. For instance, not dirty white but snow white. Not salmon, but baby pink. It’s human nature though, to want what you don’t have. Ever since adolescence, I’ve been drawn to the color – camel. I’ve envied autumn people who can dazzlingly carry the color scope of the foliage in all its magnificence and coziness. And camel being, at least to me, the most sweet and elegant of them all.

There is a maturity to this color.  A color that is not arrogant, but confident. It has an understated wisdom to it, a knowing smile. It reminds me of a well-read grandmother with an adventurous spirit who’s got many stories to tell.

Carrying a platonic adoration for this color, I finally made contact last year and got myself a camel coat. I am so in love with it. And this year, the trend of monochromatic camel haunts me with temptation. But I know… it isn’t for my winter complexion.

But still, one can admire, no? And if you can pull it off, why not?

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