Listen to Your Emotions

I keep running into this article about negativity, and when my sister shared it with me too, I got the hint. It explains how complaining rewires our brains to form negative patterns, leading to chronic anxiety and depression. Makes sense.

We all need to vent once in a while and be comforted by a sympathetic ear. Yet when it becomes a habit, it’s something else.

I feel like I’ve been on a seesaw lately. One minute I’m up with gratitude for certain things in my life and with hope for what my future beholds. The next minute, I’m down with cynicism and hate.

It’s easy to say, “be positive” but difficult to do when we find ourselves kicking and screaming about whatever it is that we can’t seem to let go. But instead of being stuck in a negative tornado of inner-dialogue (or rather debate), bombard others with your own frustration or feel guilty about your negativity, it’s important to remember that generic complaints breed from an underlying source that is deeply rooted within us,

For instance, when I’m complaining about rude people on the train or questioning the IQ level of my clients, my frustration is not really about them, but it’s concerningly more about my anxiety derived from losing faith in my national identity.

So before we lose ourselves to negativity or judge others for it, let’s pause for a moment. Let us try to be self-aware and listen to our emotions. Underneath, they whisper what it is we’re truly struggling with, and what it is we need to change. Having an understanding of the real cause, will immensely facilitate to change our attitudes to positive ones. I truly believe that.



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