Desk – makeover

My desk, most loyal friend thank you.
You’ve been with me on every road I’ve taken.
My scar and my protection.
Marina Tsvetaeva


625548d8b85261293ce1fccbad22a6aeProcrastination. It’s the epidemic of the decade. Just like working-out, the trouble is not the actual work-out itself, but to prepare for it, mentally, emotionally and physically. Once you step into the gym, the rest comes a lot easier. Same philosophy applies to any kind work. Unless you have your boss breathing down your neck with a deadline, we may find it challenging at times to drag ourselves to our desks to do the work required.

I find this to be especially true  for people who are in a creative field, freelancers, or those who have a side-project that is truer to their hearts than their day jobs. It is not always easy to continuously generate motivation, or find the energy to be creative after a hard day’s dulling work. You may feel like you are hitting a creative block or stop seeing the point of trying all together.

77e0b522a40b87333ee104c2740d8e0aYou know how  buying a new pair of shoes or trying a new shade of lipstick changes your mood… Well, sometimes you have to work from outside in. Changing your work environment – and for most of us that is our desks – can do wonders in refreshing the perspective we have on our work and selves, and help us find new sources of energy and inspiration.

You don’t have to buy a brand new desk or a chair to make a difference. You can accomplish the same rejuvenating effect with small changes, and attention to detail.

Here are a few suggestions:


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