RECIPES: Colorful Cocktails

I got into the Holiday spirit a bit late this year. The world politics, the undeniable rise of ignorance and violence doesn’t quite get one in the mood for colorful ornaments, kisses under the mistle-toe, jingle bells, family gatherings and parties with friends. And just as I was finally allowing myself to enjoy the hopeful sparkle of the twinkle lights, the turmoil continued, making the new year strolling in feel all the more apocalyptic.

I struggle sometimes to determine whether creating a bubble for yourself contributes to the current insensitivity and numbness of societies or… is it a default setting of a “survival mode” where, with a bit of escapism, we try to create a safe haven for our minds, hearts and spirits to rest.

But even when we think we disconnect, we don’t really disconnect. We are not really in the moment. Our hands can’t let go off our devices, our minds are jumping from one article to another email, from one facebook post to another instagram picture. And the times we ought to connect and be active, we are over-stimulated and exhausted, too passive and moody to contribute anything positive to our loved ones, immediate communities, let alone the world at large.

To strike that graceful balance, we must allow ourselves to take a break and really own it. Truly disconnect and not feel guilty about it. But we must also be careful not to stay in that bubble for more than we actually need, for it can lead us into denial and more dangerously, indifference.

C’mon, we need to start this new year with positive energy, self-belief and genuine interest. If we are feeling positive, we’ll be more likely to give our hands to the ones in need. If we’re feeling down and foggy, we’re not going to be able to find solutions for ourselves and others. It’s always been a domino-effect. A change in perspective in one single person DOES make a difference.

So if you’ve been feeling muggy and your aura has been a blah gray, if your Holiday Season has been a blur and just slipped by, procrastinate getting ridding of your tree just a while longer. Let’s resuscitate our livelihood and add some hopeful colors to this very moment, and consequently, the future.

Happy & Lovely New Year! Cheers….



WHITE: Coconut Fizz Cocktail


BLUE: Holiday Gin & Tonics01_blue02_BLUE

PINK: Currant & Lychee Martini Slush




SILVER & GOLD: Champagne Etoile



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